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Becoming a Workplace in motion

Does your workplace value the benefits of physical activity?  Is your workplace ready to encourage employees to build physical activity into their daily routines?  If the answer is "yes", register as a Workplace in motion

If your workplace already supports physical activity, there are still benefits to becoming a Workplace in motion. The program can help you develop an action plan, communicate and promote physical activity initiatives and measure successes.

In motion Support

Once registered as a Workplace in motion you will receive:

  • the Workplaces in motion Resource Manual with ideas and suggestions on how to provide more physical activity opportunities in your workplace
  • access to great resources on the in motion website, like great ideas to get your colleagues "in motion"
  • tips and tools for implementing a physical activity strategy
  • ongoing support and information to help develop an action plan for your workplace
  • information on starting a workplace walking club
  • fact sheets and practical resource materials
  • promotional materials such as posters, brochures and merchandise
  • information on easy physical activity challenges and activities that you can implement in your workplace
  • updates throughout the year

In addition your workplace will be:

  • recognized and highlighted on the in motion website
  • be connected with other in motion contacts and initiatives in your community
  • receive annual recognition of participation

Register as a Workplace in motion

Registering as a Workplace in motion is easy.  Just follow these three steps:

Step One

Identify one (or two) workplace leaders who will help champion and build an in motion team.

Step Two

Build committment in your workplace for the initiative.  Discuss in motion at staff meetings and tell employees about your intention to register your workplace with in motion.  Try and get support from all levels within your organization.

Step Three

Complete the Workplaces in motion registration form, to confirm your interest in becoming a Workplace in motion.

Workplaces in motion Registration Form

Formulaire d'inscription des lieux de travail en mouvement

Workplaces in motion On-Line Registration

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