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Healthy Schools in motion

Healthy Schools and Manitoba in motion have partnered to offer Healthy Schools in motion.

About Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools is Manitoba's provincial school health initiative designed to promote the physical, emotional, and social health of schools communities.  Healthy Schools works to create school environments that enhance the healthy development of children and their families by working in partnership with school divisions, schools, community service providers and local resources.  As part of the Healthy Schools Initiative, Healthy Schools promotes: community-based activities, targeted provincial campaigns, and province-wide resource development.

Healthy Schools in motion

A Healthy School in motion values the benefits of physical activity and ensures that it is a visible priority in the daily life of the school. An in motion school commits to working towards the goal of providing 30 minutes of daily physical activity for each student. This is achieved through any combination of physical education, physical activity breaks, physical activity programs, intramurals, and special events.  By registering your school, you are making the commitment to work towards this goal.  For more information about Healthy Schools in motion, download the introduction kit:  

Why promote physical activity at school?

Schools are in a unique position to have a positive influence on the health of children, youth, and their families.  Plus, the growing body of research from Canada and around the world shows that children and youth that engage in regular physical activity have improved academic performance.  Promoting physical activity at school is a win-win!  Children and youth need daily physical activity for healthy growth and development.  the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that children and youth accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity every day.  Yet research shows that only 9 percent of boys and 4 percent of girls accumulate 60 minues of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity per day.

CONGRATULATIONS to over 600 Manitoba schools currently registered as a Healthy School in motion!  Don’t Be Left Behind - Get your School Registered with Manitoba in motion!


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