Manitoba in motion

Communities in motion

CONGRATULATIONS to over 160 communities in Manitoba that are registered as Communities in motionClick here to see if your community is registered.  If not, it's time to get your community in motion.

Communities in motion value physical activity. Community members and organizations work together to create supportive environments encouraging people to make physical activity a part of their daily lives.

Communities in motion encourage all parts of the community such as local governments, health services, recreation services, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods to do their parts to increase physical activity opportunities for everyone.

 Many successful communities in motion include the following:

  • a strong recreation system that delivers quality, fun, safe, affordable recreation for all members of the community
  • schools that promote and provide daily physical activity opportunities for all students and staff
  • a strong partnership between community recreation and health organizations
  • policies that support and encourage walking, biking and skating instead of using vehicles whenever possible
  • supportive community design and infrastructure to reduce barriers and encourage physical activity
  • organizational and financial structures and physical and social environments that encourage and support physical activity equally for all members of the community
  • messages that encourage and educate the community on physical activity
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